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BOX ACTOR YAYA is a professional artist from Japan. He is a great artist of cigar box juggling and physical comedy. He got the Second Place at the Juggling World Championship held in the USA in 2017.

Sounds and motions are a big theme of his show. He plays juggling and pantomime with sound effects. The combination creates a strange and funny atmosphere that is not realistic. It just looks like a movie's character comes out of a screen.

He shows some unique and high quality entertainments. Among others, world-class box juggling is worth watching. He performs at a lot of stages all over the world. Currently, He has performed in 11 countries.


" This show is very attractive! "
YAYA takes audiences to his magical fantasy world in a playful way and with much humor. The show is a nonverbal show. He doesn’t use any languages during his show, therefore all people can enjoy it regardless of nationality and generation.
Actually he is garnering immense praise in many countries.

STAGE SHOW (4-10min)

The cigar boxes juggling act that is high technical level and higher entertainment show for stage and circus.

VARIETY SHOW (10-30min)

The entertainment show (juggling, pantomime and some performance) for many different festivals and events.


  • World Juggling Championship "2nd PLACE"
  • Enoshima Street Artist Competition "Judge Prize"
  • Fukuyama Buskers Festival "People Choice Award"
  • Gei-1 Grand Prix in Osaka "Special Jury Award"
  • D-1 GRAND PRIX "3rd PLACE"
  • Les Jeudis de Perpignan (FRANCE)
  • Festival international de théâtre de rue (FRANCE)
  • Festival d'Avignon (FRANCE)
  • Pflasterspektakel (AUSTRIA)
  • Buskers Festival Vienna (AUSTRIA)
  • NewComer Show (GERMANY)
  • BuskerBus (POLAND)
  • Ferrara Buskers Festival (ITALY)
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe (ENGLAND)
  • Orewa International Boulevard of Buskers (NEW ZEALAND)
  • International Buskers Carnival (TAIWAN) and so on..


YAYA receives job offer and consultation from all over the world.
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